Why a business blog is essential for your brand

It’s not all that long ago that blogging was seen as a bit of a geeky activity. It was reserved for people who knew how to code and spent a lot of time hidden away in their bedrooms. However, things couldn’t be more different now, and business blogs have become an integral part of many businesses’ marketing campaigns. According to HubSpot, “nearly 40% of Australian companies use business blogs for marketing purposes and companies that blog have 55% more website visitors.” Therfore, business blogging can be an incredibly effective way of driving traffic and generating leads. So if you’re not doing it yet, here are some of the reasons why you need to get started:

An SEO boost

How are people going to find your business online? By searching, of course. But users rarely look past the first or second page of search results, so if you want to get noticed you need to be ranking highly. Business blogging will do wonders for your listings for a number of reasons:
  1. The more content you create, the more keywords you can target by optimising your titles, headings, tags, etc. This increases your chances of being found in a broader range of search results.
  2. Linking to one blog post from another lets users dig deeper into your site and creates internal links (both good for rankings).
  3. Every post you create can be shared on other sites, blogs and social networks, increasing exposure. You may even create something that goes viral.
  4. Search engines tend to favour sites that produce content regularly, keeping it fresh for users.
You should see your SEO stats steadily improving as you add more optimised content. Also, you’ll probably find your posts ranking for keywords you hadn’t even thought of, too. These can be a good source of inspiration for future posts.

A valuable community

Most companies succeed thanks to a core community of loyal customers who offer repeat business while spreading the word to others. You’ll sometimes hear this group referred to as ‘brand ambassadors’. They’ll do whatever they can to help the business expand and succeed. Busines blogging is one of the best ways to establish a community as it provides regular engagement and can spark lively discussions through comments (whether on-site or via social media). As your community grows and you keep adding content they get to know more about you, your employees and each other, and this sense of belonging will keep them coming back. As a result, the buzz around your brand should draw new members in and result in extra exposure and credibility for your business.

Impartial feedback

It’s always good to know what consumers think of your business, and blogs – or rather the comments that follow. These comments are an excellent way to keep in touch with what people think about what you’re doing or saying. Some companies spend a massive amount of their budget on market research and lengthy campaigns to try and understand their customers. But business blog comments can provide equally valuable insight for free. Do respond to comments where appropriate, and let them influence your decisions in the future. Ignoring what your customers really want is one way to guarantee they’ll lose interest in your brand.

A brand with a personality

If you want your business to thrive, you need to make it stand out from the crowd. Your brand needs a strong personality and unique identity to make it memorable and easy to connect with. Blogging is used to re-enforce your brand message and values. This gives readers a real sense of what your company stands for. It lets you be about more than just the products you services you provide. It allows you to have an opinion, emotions, a sense of humour, a casual or formal tone; all conveyed through your blog. This kind of brand identity will really set you apart from all your bland competitors.

Trust that money can’t buy

Winning over potential customers usually takes more than fancy marketing campaigns. You have to show them that you are trustworthy, competent and professional. Building this special bond takes time and effort. But a business blog can be a fantastic way to gain trust without seeming like you’re trying too hard. Create content that offers insights into your industry and demonstrates how you can solve your customers’ problems. This shows that you’re knowledgeable, you understand your customers’ needs, and whatever you’re selling is useful. Therefore, three excellent reasons to buy from you. An interior designer could blog about the season’s latest trends and how to implement them in each room. While a guitar teacher could create some basic tutorials for beginners. Whatever your industry, find a way to showcase your expertise and keep your audience keen for more of what you have to share.

Evidence of your reliability (or not)

When you say you’ll release new content every Monday morning, stick to your schedule – this shows your potential customers that you’re reliable, without you having to spell it out. If you want to keep readers interested, aim for two to three quality blog posts a week. If that sounds like too much, cut back on the volume rather than compromising on quality. It’s better to have one thorough, polished article once a fortnight than to keep churning out poor-quality posts that are of little value to anyone. Blogging is such an important part of marketing these days, sometimes it’s worth paying a writer to develop content for you if you just don’t have the time.


One of the best things about using a business blog as a marketing tool is doesn’t cost a lot. If you create content in-house and post it on your existing website, the only investment needed is your time. The cost of hosting a business blog on a dedicated site is minimal. Even if you hire professional writers you’ll find it inexpensive compared to pay-per-click or other marketing channels. This serves to even up the playing field between you and your big competitors, so you stand a better chance of being able to break into the market.


In this current era of SEO and marketing, quality content is everything. Having a business blog lets you create valuable content to engage potential customers, prove your brand’s reliability and trustworthiness, and develop your brand identity. As your business blog gains momentum you should find you have a community of followers who sing your praises and provide you with valuable feedback to use in your future business decisions. If you’re short on time and/or ideas, check out our content creation packages. We can set up and manage your business blog, create and publish content, and keep an eye on all things SEO for you.