Digital consultants – life coaches for businesses

Its a whole new world of opportunity as we become more and more connected to the people and the businesses around us through numerous digital platforms, apps and the ever emerging next big ideas. Twenty years ago, IT, software development, business platform planning and websites were left to the ‘IT department’ and they told you what they were rolling out or upgrading next. Today technology is not simply a ‘department’, it underpins everything we do in almost every part of our businesses. The challenge for business owners is getting the ‘right set of brains’ on the problem. Leading a business in the 21st century requires you to drive your digital strategy to ensure its supports and enables you to deliver on your broader business strategy and goals. The two are inseparable. The trap for many business leaders is being sold ‘technology solutions’ by ‘technology people’. Your focus should be focused on ‘whats the problem and/or whats the opportunity’ and THEN ‘how do we create the solution. Digitisation enables you to do so many things, so differently and in much smarter, more personalised, scalable and profitable ways. To truly live digital and create a competitive and profitable advantage, you need to come at the problem from a customer and marketing focused, creative thinking approach, surrounded by people that are not hell-bent on selling you their solution. Do your research, get a digital consultant that is independent and being paid to solve your problems and create solutions tailored to your business, not just someone peddling a ‘one size fits all product’. Remember your businesses value is directly proportional to its ability to operate without you. Digital systemisation creates reoccurring patterns, recurring results and therefore higher value. Its never too late to start right now.